Statement in support of WoLF’s and Cathy Brennan’s work on gender identity reforms

The Violet Revolution

I’ve had this one in the chamber for some months now. I saw it coming because I know the radical male left — but to be honest, it never really hit me until Cathy Brennan and her friends were ambushed in Olympia, WA by self-described communists and It’s Going Down (an anarchist publication with an antifascist focus) celebrated it. The pattern has only been confirmed with the attack on the Vancouver Women’s Library where, again, self-described communists (Trans Communist Cadre) are involved. This is to say nothing of the vitriol we have seen on the Internet for years, harassing and pushing out radical feminists.

What did I see coming? Rage. I definitely saw an incredible amount of rage boiling over by the latter half of 2016. I truly expected that the male left would be distracted with fighting fascists, the Trump regime, and punching Richard Spencer. That they would be…

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