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You Can’t Take These People Anywhere

May 19, 2013


burrito pax

See here and here and here and here and here and here and here and here.

By the way, Male Violence: It’s part of the reason Women want space AWAY FROM YOU.

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Trans Activists and MRAs = Same Women-Hating Peoples

April 16, 2013


trans and mra

Hai! Picard thinks you’re an asshole!


This screenshot is from the MRA website here. Don’t click on the link unless you have an IP hider, because I AM SURE these guys track IPs.

Paul Elam’s biggest claim to fame is infiltrating some message board where women with no power or money were talking and saying things that hurt their feelings. Waaaaa!

FWIW, pretty sure no woman would care if a bunch of Men’s Rights Activists met without us…Enjoy yourselves!

And OF COURSE you wouldn’t exclude Transgender people, Paul – they support your Gender Schtick!


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You Always See The Push Back, You Never See The Push

October 8, 2012


This is the Push

rapey prick decided getting lesbians to fuck him is important

This is the Push Back


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The Balls on Ida Hammer

October 4, 2012

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Oh, this just keeps getting better and better:

“Speaking of her long-term partner – a man – she said: ‘He already sees me as a woman. That’s not going to be too big of an adjustment.’ The 34-year-old – who was raised a Mormon in Utah – applied for pre-authorization for her male-to-female sex reassignment surgery in July 2011.”



Not a woman…


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GUEST POST: Back In The Day

July 25, 2012

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Back in the day,

When we were young and

Full of hope,

When women had their places

To dream and plan

A future for their daughters,

Where women could love women


And not be defined by tv, fashion mags

And porn.

We were so innocent then,

We thought that we

Could fix it all with talk.

30 years,

Still we talk,

Still our lives and sex

And safety stolen from us.

Cis’d and dismissed.

Ali Batts

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This is Why We Need Women-Only Space

July 18, 2012


In this video, a white, “formerly” male heterosexual person calls for Rachel Maddow  – out Lesbian Rachel Maddow – to be tarred and feathered. […]

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GUEST POST: Weighing in on MichFest

July 17, 2012


What I would say to a trans*sister, whoever you are:

I first went to MichFest in 2002, and it was wonderful and amazing. When I left, my feet stood on the earth more solidly, and my gaze was level.

When I first heard about various trans* conflicts on the Land, I stopped and thought about it. I felt that to be a woman born in a male body must be agony.

My own issues with femaleness had to do with how not to feel naked when I checked out at the grocery store and I had stare at the magazines with scantily clad women on *every* cover; how to deal with my menstrual cycles in high school when the boys in Social Studies made snide references to how the girls’ swim team left ‘blood in the pool;’ how to be heard in math class when, overnight at 13, I went from the smart kid to practically invisible; how to travel on a plane or bus without being accosted by some dude who claimed the right to monopolize my attention and energy; and countless other daily challenges.


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Females: Silenced By Trans*

July 6, 2012


As Females, we have devoted much time to supporting Trans* causes. Why are we doing this, when it seems clear that Trans* does not extend us the same respect?

Abortion: Here. Here. Here. Here. Here.

Free Speech: Here. Here.

Rape: Here.

Birth Control: Here.

Add your own links to comments, articles and the assorted detritus of the Internet where Trans* people make it very clear that they don’t give a flying fuck for Females.

We need to change this.

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Ida E. Hammer SPINS

June 26, 2012



More here and here.

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“It’s just fucking typical that a man-born lesbian can’t get the concept of not being allowed somewhere.”

June 22, 2012


Excerpt from Diane DiMassa Interview

Bitch magazine, Summer 2004 (Issue #25)

[About a musical based on DiMassa’s cartoon, Hothead Paisan being premiered at Michigan Womyn’s Music Festival, which excludes transsexual women:]

Bitch: What about the MTFs?


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