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Radfem 2013 Conference Program Online

March 19, 2013


RF2013 Programme is available!

Register here.

From the Conference Website.

The aim of this conference is to re-build a radical feminist movement and support the re-emerging interest in radical feminism among women.

We will:

■ Raise awareness and increase understanding about radical feminism
■ Increase networks and connections between Radical feminists
■ Improve activist skills and knowledge among attendees

We are committed to building a strong and vibrant women’s liberation movement and a community of women of all ages and from diverse backgrounds. It is important that we meet as often as we can so that we can build solid relationships and plan for strategies to build a free and safe future for all of our sisters in the female class. We have hope that we can make positive changes for women through the development of a committed movement of women all over the world.


Radical feminism goes to the heart of female oppression by naming male domination and violence as being responsible for women’s subordination.


Radical feminists believe gender roles are harmful to women. We seek freedom from “femininity” and “masculinity”. Gender only exists for the benefit of men, as a class, at the expense of women, as a class.


Radical feminism names, and brings attention to, all forms of male domination, violence and control, including:

■ Women’s exploitation, degradation and torture within prostitution and pornography,
■ Sexual violence towards women and the way this is culturally normalised,
■ Compulsory heterosexuality as an institution which oppresses women
■ Ways in which women are controlled and harmed by gender roles


We welcome radical feminists and those women who want to learn more about radical feminism. It is women-only because we believe that we need to organise autonomously in order to fight for our freedom from patriarchy. We aim to make the conference a safe space for female victims/survivors to talk about multiple experiences of male violence and oppression. We need women-only (female) spaces to do that. We will actively promote radical feminism and radical feminists.

We are revolutionaries, fighting for social change, and overthrowing current patriarchal systems. We want a radical alternative to both right wing, biological determinist and post modern versions of “genderism”. In other words, we oppose the promotion of gender roles as “natural”, inevitable, desirable, innate, or exaggerated performances of “femininity” and “masculinity”. We believe that gender is a destructive hierarchy, which harms women and needs to be abolished. We also oppose the the multi-billion pound sex industry. We disagree with “identity politics” which is counter to our goal of abolishing gender and male domination. The language of identity politics re-enforces patriarchy, even though sometimes people use the language of revolution to push these male centred ideologies. This conference will explore radical feminist critiques of all these oppressive aspects of patriarchy and promote alternative ways forward.


We support the human rights of all people to live free from violence or verbal abuse. We support the existence of laws to ensure those rights are protected. We support the rights of all groups who are disadvantaged within society to autonomously organise. Although we support rights and freedoms for all, this conference will be focused on the liberation of all females.

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N17: Taking It To The Streets

November 14, 2012

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“We will not accept a world where women are routinely raped, brutalized, humiliated and degraded. We will not lie down as women’s right to abortion and even birth control is being stripped away. We will resist the culture of rape and pornography that equates sex with domination and conquest and treats women as mere objects to be plundered by men.

We will RESIST and we will take a big step towards DEFEATING this war on women. And, through doing so, we will become the people and the seeds of a whole better future.

A future where no woman ever again knows what it is to fear for her safety at the hands of men. Where women never again know what it is to give themselves to a man sexually for any reason other than their own desire—free of pressure, judgment, or degradation. A world where men view women as full human beings and full partners. A world where lesbians, gays, bisexuals and transgendered people have not only the full rights—but the full respect—as everyone else. And a culture filled with poetry and music and other forms of art that foster deep respect towards women.

Wherever you are and whatever you do on November 17—be it a march or street theater, a protest at a strip club or an anti-abortion church, a speak-out or poetry reading, or some sort of public “social intervention” where a lot of folks gather—you will be joined by others around the country. Every act will be amplified, more people will be woken up and inspired, and this movement—and the possibility of real liberation—will grow!”


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GUEST POST: Women Who Care About Women Don’t Bat For Team Patriarchy

November 12, 2012


Women Who Care About Women Don’t Bat For Team Patriarchy

By Jacqueline S. Homan

A feminist scolded her sisters for being righteously indignant about the capo-like behavior of patriarchy’s handmaidens and honorary men, saying that being critical of women who deliberately throw their sisters under the wheels of patriarchy’s shit train distracts from the primary focus of feminism. She says that discrediting these capos doesn’t do anything to help women as a class.

Well, I have a LOT to say about that.

Although it’s true that women didn’t initiate patriarchy, and although it’s also true that some women’s bad behavior is not the same as men’s behavior under male supremacy because of the undeniable power differential, failing to publicly discredit honorary men does a far greater disservice to feminism and to women as a class by giving these handmaidens a free pass just because “they’re women, too.”


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There Is No Opt-In; You Cannot Opt-Out

October 16, 2012


Recently, a few real world interactions with women got me thinking about how oblivious we as Women can be to the reality that Patriarchy and Woman-Hating informs every move we make and every thought we have.

Hopefully, readers of this blog have already accepted that Patriarchy damages every last one of us, that this damage influences how we act and who we are, and that we should work to correct this damage, if only to live life as honestly as possible under Patriarchy.


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Trust Women, Even When It Is Impossible

September 14, 2012


All women are damaged.  Damage is injury or harm that reduces us.

You, woman, are damaged.

Does this offend you? Do you believe you are not damaged, that you are somehow immune to the forces at work that make women hate each other?

You are lucky.

Who WOULDN’T be damaged? Damage to women is both a direct goal of male supremacy and a by-product of living in a woman-hating culture.

I don’t blame women for this damage.

All women are two-faced.  We engage in deception when we pretend we believe one thing, and act according to a different belief.  We “have” to be two-faced. How else would women survive in a woman-hating culture, where what we are socialized to be loyal to doesn’t always match up with what we know to be true in our hearts? And, so, often we sell ourselves out, just as much as well sell out other women.

I don’t blame women for adopting tactics needed to survive.

I am a woman. I am not immune from these observations.

I am damaged and two-faced.

But how do we trust women in light of the fact that all women are damaged and all women are two-faced (and three- and four-faced, depending on the lives we lead and the masters we serve)?


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Radfem-Friendly Tumblr Blogs

June 11, 2012


From Tumblr Blogger Hedonistic Paradise.

This is a list of my favourite tumblr blogs, and they are all female and LGB friendly. Some are radical feminists/pro-rad fem men, and others are radfem sympathetic, while the rest are just cool blogs to follow.

1.  bugbrennan 2.  killyourenemies 3.  shameandcupcakes 4.  babysaygoodnight 5.  gaynotqueer 6.  18brumaire 7. indigenousfeminist 8. liberalfeministproblems 9. life-tbd 10. lesbianseparatist 11. feministcookingshow 12. rainbowriotunsilenced 13. radscum 14. notexactlycosmo 15. ceratopsian 16. discosherpa 17. itspattybitch 18. louislapoire 19. octagon-surgeon 20. attackships 21. dyke-digest 22. sayhikatie 23.bedelia-bloodyknuckle 24. firstwavefeminist 25. lilacturtl 26. home-of-amazons 27.cynicynth 28. porcupunx 29. goddessoflight08 30. lishra 31. malheureuxmarxist 32. twaaahnbulance 33. academicsilence 34. reality-is-evil 35. moon1219 36. radicalandskeptical 37. radscumblr 38. paleotrees 39. smashesthep 40. squeegee-beckenheim 41. cottonceiling 42. girlsandgifs 43. anarchistsoup 44. ann-tagonist 45. roseverbena 46. noanodyne 47. haamer 48. cursiveonly 49. pulsekraft 50. monochromespectra 51.dyksfunctional 52. magicpoppy 53. goat—milk 54. ohno-zombees 55. pheministic 56. unfemininewomen 57. girl-non-grata 58. radicaleidoscope 59. carvepumpkins 60. too-tired-to-argue 61. lolliguncula 62.  another-progress-blog 63.  thruflowheater 64.  lesbionictonic 65. tic-tac926 66. lovexrevolutions 67. rubythepup 68. pansouthasia 69. homemadepepsi 70. nugoyxi 71. expatriat 72. sendforbromina 73.solarcoaster 74. appropriately-inappropriate 75. kickedinthedick 76. marjchaos 77.randombinary 78.gynocraticgrrl 79. whatispatriarchy 80. devoidofallmorality 81. gwenmilitant 82.fuck-you—fuck-everyone

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