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Silence Continues from Sherbourne Health Centre

March 14, 2012


NOTE: To date, no response from Sherbourne Health Centre, which claims to serve Members of the lesbian, gay, bisexual and trans (LGBT) communities. I wonder how they treat their Lesbian patients?


from Cathy Brennan bugbrennan@gmail.com
to privacy@sherbourne.on.ca



date Tue, Jan 3, 2012 at 11:12 AM
subject Health Facility Misuse

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Good morning,
My name is Cathy Brennan, and I am a lawyer in Baltimore, Maryland.  I am a lesbian activist that does work about gender identity issues.  Recently, a lesbian blogger sent me a link to a blog post by Xander (Sly) Sarkisova, who works at Sherbourne (according to his LinkedIn profile).  Specifically, Mr. Sarkisova stated in this blog post that:

“your [penis eschewing] behaviour is not tied to a lack of desire, but rather your unwillingness to validate transfemale realness.”  See

I find this statement tremendously homophobic and harmful to lesbians, and commented accordingly on Mr. Sarkisova’s blog at http://xsarkisovathespaceinbetweenyouandme.blogspot.com/. See attachment; Mr. Sarkisova did not publish my comment, which I left under my real name and this email address (bugbrennan at gmail.com).  I routinely comment on blogs, as I believe this is how we have dialogue to advance understanding.  And, I always do so under my real name, as I also believe in accountability.


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