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You Can’t Take These People Anywhere

May 19, 2013


burrito pax

See here and here and here and here and here and here and here and here.

By the way, Male Violence: It’s part of the reason Women want space AWAY FROM YOU.

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Yet Another Argument for Women-Only Space

February 23, 2013

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To the Victor Go the Spoils

January 12, 2013


Only in a male mind would harassing someone into submission and having them take such measures to avoid interactions in the future be a success.

This is a post on my OBSERVATIONS of Transwomen. As this post is only my observation based on my personal experience, your experience may vary – or you may notice similar patterns of behavior from “Transwomen.” Not all Transwomen behave like these clowns. Sadly, these clowns are LOUD. Let’s begin!

Transwomen sound like Violent Men. In numerous instances, when we (Women) point out that (1) they are Men and (2) we (Women) don’t want to occupy space and time with them, THEY GET ANGRY. […]

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Show Up, Pariahs

December 30, 2012


Tonight in Baltimore, about 40 people gathered at the foot of the Washington Monument in Mt. Vernon, Baltimore’s Gayborhood. Activist Meredith Moise and the Baltimore Guardian Angels organized  the gathering to condemn anti-gay violence in response to the beating of Kenni Shaw, a gay man,  in East Baltimore on Christmas Day.

This is what the men who attacked Kenni did to him:



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NEW BLOG: Male Violence

November 22, 2012


You cannot “fix” a “problem” you refuse to name.

Although we have no hope that “we” can “fix” this “problem,” we will certainly “name” it.

Male violence.

Happy Thanksgiving!

No, really.

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Dear Trans Women: Now Would Be A Good Time To Support Women

October 27, 2012



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There Is No Opt-In; You Cannot Opt-Out

October 16, 2012


Recently, a few real world interactions with women got me thinking about how oblivious we as Women can be to the reality that Patriarchy and Woman-Hating informs every move we make and every thought we have.

Hopefully, readers of this blog have already accepted that Patriarchy damages every last one of us, that this damage influences how we act and who we are, and that we should work to correct this damage, if only to live life as honestly as possible under Patriarchy.


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You Always See The Push Back, You Never See The Push

October 8, 2012


This is the Push

rapey prick decided getting lesbians to fuck him is important

This is the Push Back


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September 21, 2012


This is a Guest Post by Lanie about rape. Lanie’s story is shockingly common. It makes me murderously angry that Lanie’s story is common. Her story is my story, and I suspect it is yours. Thank you Lanie for sharing.

It was supposed to have been a reward for having survived high school, new people and ideas. It instead was one of the worst years of my life. I started college before my 16th birthday. A few weeks before school started my Mom got a call from the University. From what I could hear it was, “…yes my daughter has finished high school and is planning on attending your University, yes she was accepted. Ok next Wednesday? We’ll be there.” Then my Mom hung up the phone and told me something about having to meet with the Vice President of Student Life and how it could keep me from attending. That was the overwhelming tone of my interaction with my mother my freshman year. I was a risk, I was constantly at risk, of doing something wrong and it was because four years earlier I agreed to go to prep school after sixth grade.  I was gonna be trouble. The school decided it, and judging from my mother’s general uneasiness she had been sold on the idea.


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This is Why We Need Women-Only Space

July 18, 2012


In this video, a white, “formerly” male heterosexual person calls for Rachel Maddow  – out Lesbian Rachel Maddow – to be tarred and feathered. […]

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