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Being Feminist Means Telling Lesbians To Have Sex With Men

April 29, 2013


“Feminist” Facebook page with 25,000 likes posts homophobic article discussing Lesbian sexuality and how Lesbians need to learn to appreciate penis so Lesbians and “people with penises” can have “fun” together.

The punch line? The article was posted by a 23-year old  woman.

Like, I have been a Lesbian longer than you’ve been alive.

If you think Lesbian Sexuality involves penis, you are doing it wrong.

So, it’s bad enough that, on a theoretical level, a feminist woman cannot follow an analysis about compulsory heterosexuality, etc.

There’s the additional HAVE YOU NO SHAME factor of yet another woman completely failing to consider how this issue of Trans Inclusion IMPACTS LESBIANS.

Lesbians – we must have some cloak of invisibility that makes any kind of “intersectional” analysis inapplicable to us.
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Oh, Yes, “Creating Change”

January 18, 2013


You might recall that last year, the National Gay and Lesbian Task Force waited until the last possible moment to remember that L in NGLTF stands for Lesbians. As a result of pressure put on NGLTF by Lesbian activists, NGLTF begrudgingly allowed Lesbians to have our own caucus for actual lesbians (that is, women-born-women, not men who think they are women) – hence, the Lesbian Caucus was born.

What a difference a year makes, right? This year is going to be the year of the Lesbian resurgence. I mean, the Lesbian Caucus has a 600-woman strong Facebook group!


I joke.

Here is the 152-page Creating Change Program. […]

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Intersectionality Has Its Limitations

December 28, 2012


Why is it that heterosexual third-wave feminists understand “intersectionality” when it comes to everyone except Lesbians?

You know, Lesbians? Your sisters? Your sisters who love other Women (and by Women, I mean Women – not Trans Women).

A friend alerted me to a discussion on the Guerrilla Feminism Facebook page, run by a Woman named Lachrista Greco. I don’t pay much attention to Feminist Facebook pages, as they tend to ban Radical Feminist discussions, and I had never heard of Greco until two days ago.

Greco made a statement on her page that “Transphobia will not be tolerated” in response to a thread that devolved into a “what about the transwomen” discussion.

And she banned Women. A lot of Women (including me, because I am mean and scary).

The “transphobia” was, of course, Women, many of whom are Lesbian, stating that “transwomen are men.”

This statement – that transwomen are men – is KIND OF REALLY IMPORTANT for Lesbians.

Why? […]

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You Don’t Know Dick

August 10, 2012


In my late twenties, my then-partner and I decided that we wanted to have children together.  For a number of reasons, I ended up having them. And by “having them,” I mean that we obtained sperm from a Male person and inserted it close to my cervix, resulting in – ta da – pregnancy and birth.

This is where babies come from. As a Female, I am *unable* to manufacture sperm.  As a Female, I am, however, able to become pregnant – which I did, twice. This reproductive capacity is a shared characteristic of the class of humans called “Females.”  And although there are certainly Females who cannot become pregnant, it is biological fact that it is only this class of humans who can become pregnant.  Males – the class of humans from which I obtained the sperm I needed to “make a baby” – cannot become pregnant. Ever.


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Compulsory Heterosexuality, Queerified

July 13, 2012


Much has been written over the last 15 years regarding the issue Transgender inclusion within the Gay and Lesbian Movement. The argument for inclusion originates in the notion that we are all Queer, that we are all read by the larger heteronormative society as Queer, regardless of how our own identification varies on this theme.

In the last few years, however, the tenor of this discussion has changed, with Transgender people asserting different needs – and different goals – for their Community.


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I Wish I Was Making This Shit Up

July 5, 2012


“If a penis is on a woman then it’s not male genitalia, it’s her penis, it’s a woman’s penis, it’s woman’s genitalia. Just like if a vulva is on a man it’s not female genitalia, it’s his vulva, it’s a man’s vulva, it’s male genitalia. The only person who get’s to define those body parts is the person who has them. Not you, not anybody else, just that person. So no, lesbians don’t like “biological women” and saying that is really fucking cissexist. If you prefer vulvas on your sexual partners that’s fine, we’re all allowed to have a preference, but it’s not that you prefer “girl parts” it’s that you prefer vulva and you don’t like penis. Those body parts are not inherently tied to any one sex or gender. Being sexually assaults, raped, abused, beaten, or any other sort of violation does NOT give you an excuse to be a cissexist asshole and start defining people’s body parts for them. NOBODY gets to do that, that’s fucked up. People have the right to choose how they define their own bodies and their own body parts. Having panic attacks from penises doesn’t make you transphobic but you’re clearly a cissexist douche for reasons that have nothing to do with your fear of penises and you need to spend some time reevaluating your language and the ways you relate to other people.”

Lesbians! Wake Up Please!

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Joseph Nolan Ryan Leads With “Love”

June 6, 2012

1 Comment

Because it’s hateful to expect gender identity legislation to not infringe on sex-based protections, and it’s hateful for lesbians to not want to suck Joe’s ladystick.

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Ad Hoc Coalition Against the Cotton Ceiling Condemns Planned Parenthood Toronto For Anti-Female Sex Workshop

March 28, 2012


Toronto, Ontario (March 28, 2012): Today, the Ad Hoc Coalition Against the Cotton Ceiling (the “Coalition”) submitted a petition with more than 250 signatures to Planned Parenthood Toronto (PPT) to ask the organization to reconsider hosting an event that promotes the sexualization of females.

PPT is sponsoring a March 31 conference in Toronto called “Pleasure and Possibilities.” According to Sarah Hobbs, Executive Director of Planned Parenthood Toronto, the purpose of the conference is to continue conversations that began at an earlier conference entitled “No More Apologies: Queer Trans and Cis Women, Coming/Cumming Together!


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Lesbophobia and the Cotton Ceiling

March 21, 2012


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Planned Parenthood Embraces Lesbophobia, Supports Workshop Framing Lesbians As a “Barrier” to be Overcome

March 21, 2012


from Gmail bugbrennan@gmail.com
to Kate Klein <KKlein@ppt.on.ca>
date Wed, Mar 21, 2012 at 5:04 PM
subject Re: “Overcoming the Cotton Ceiling”
mailed-by gmail.com
Important mainly because you often read messages with this label.
hide details 5:04 PM (47 minutes ago)
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