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Notes from RadFem 2013

June 16, 2013


Many of you have asked for my impressions of RadFem 2103, a radical feminist conference that recently occurred in London, UK. This was the second conference in a row in London.  I was lucky enough to be able to attend both conferences. I have tried to wait for jet lag to wear off before I wrote this, but it hasn’t happened yet, so I am writing this somewhat informally in the interest of getting something down on virtual paper. As you know, RadFem 2013 has been the subject of much internet speculation and gossip, along with Men’s Rights Activists/Trans Rights Activists/Liberal Feminists doing their very best to sabotage the conference so it wouldn’t happen.

Well, they all failed and yes, it did happen.

If you are a woman, and you have never been in a woman-only environment, I would strongly recommend that you try it. It is just a different dynamic than mixed space. So that was a balm for the soul straight away, even before any woman spoke!


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Even Though We Disagree We Share A Common Enemy

May 17, 2013


So Trans and Queer folks have anarchists to help them violently enforce their antiquated notions of gender and their stereotypical views of what a “Woman” is and what a “Man.”

How “Anarchist.”

So I guess if “Woman” means “Man who says he’s a lady” and “Penis” means “Something that’s on a Woman,” I suppose it makes sense that “Anarchy” means “Enforcing the same repressive Gender we’ve been dealing with since forever.”

How Revolutionary.

There’s always been a pattern of struggle and defeat
Never that cycle incomplete
Never enough to tip the scales
Too many people rotting in jails
Or bloodied on the battlefields
The history books from every age
Have the same words written on every page
Always starting with ‘Revolution’
And ending with ‘Capitulation’
Always silenced by the truncheon
Or bought out with concessions
Always repetition…

Screen shot 2013-05-17 at 7.51.35 AM


It’s not Revolutionary to violently harass Women.

That’s Status Quo.

You aren’t doing anything Revolutionary.

You are the Same Violent Men Women Have Been Dealing With Since Forever.

It’s not Revolutionary to insist that Women suck your Dick, or Accept Your Womanly Penis, or Even Talk To You.

But you have pink hair and septum piercings and call yourself PansexualGenderfluidQueerTransFags, so…


We Have Seen The Enemy, and It Is Men

We Have Seen The Enemy, and It Is Men

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My Womb Is Not A Football For You

May 12, 2013


“Mothers don’t kill their children unless they are very ill,” said Diane Sanford, a psychologist who has written two books on postpartum depression.”They believe they are protecting their children from having a life of misery and suffering.”

“Motherhood is near to divinity. It is the highest, holiest service to be assumed by mankind.” ― Howard W. Hunter

“…One of the reasons so many women say “I’m not a feminist but…” (and then put forward a feminist position), is that in addition to being stereotyped as man-hating Amazons, feminists have also been cast as antifamily and antimotherhood.” ― Susan J. Douglas

“So how on earth can I bring a child into the world, knowing that such sorrow lies ahead, that it is such a large part of what it means to be human? I’m not sure. That’s my answer: I’m not sure.” ― Anne LamottOperating Instructions: A Journal of My Son’s First Year

The heart of a mother is a deep abyss at the bottom of which you will always find forgiveness. -Honoré de Balzac

The hand that rocks the cradle
Is the hand that rules the world.

-W. R. Wallace

Many months ago, my friend Phonaesthetica wrote a blog post about Women contemplating Motherhood and Mothers and their Sons. As the Mother of a Son, I enjoyed the post.

As a Mother of a Son, I am sometimes discomfited by discussions about  Male Violence or its inevitability (and I do not believe in the inevitability of Male Violence).  Discussions about Male Violence, however, are important and necessary to Women’s Liberation and we have lots of them here and here. And we need to have them, no matter how much our personal bias makes us feel uncomfortable.

This isn’t a blog post about Mothers and Sons or Male Violence. […]

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You Think Pronouns Are The Issue?

May 2, 2013


Cemia “Ci Ci” Dove, also known as Carl Acoff Jr., was a transgender woman killed by someone, brutally, in Cleveland, Ohio.


Cemia “Ci Ci” Dove

Acoff’s body “was stabbed repeatedly and dumped into a pond, tethered to a block of concrete.”

An intentional killing, obviously.

The killer did not want anyone to find Ms. Acoff’s body.

I will “speculate” that a Man murdered Ms. Acoff.

Let’s also assume that Ms. Acoff’s “gender identity” contributed to her murder. […]

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The Shame Is Yours

April 26, 2013


The Manchurian Rapist

If you believe that Men are biologically destined to be rapists, you believe in “biological determinism.”

As radical feminism is predicated on the idea that all roles played by/forced on Males and Females are socially constructed, radical feminism by definition rejects biological determinism.

Let’s assume, for the sake of this discussion, that Men are not biologically destined to rape Women. As it turns out, I also believe that. There are radical feminists who disagree with me. They are entitled to their opinion, and I support their right to have an opinion. And, in any case, having an opinion one way or the other also does not suggest genocidal solutions to the “Problem.”

Women have a right to talk about the causes of Male Violence and ways to eradicate Male Violence without being harassed by Men’s Rights Activists.

So, that’s out of the way. Now, if Men are not biologically destined or programmed to rape, Men rape for Some Other Reason(s).


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Apparently, Anonymous is a Homophobic Men’s Rights Activist

April 22, 2013


Not shockingly, Men’s Rights Activists have descended on this blog since I posted a statement from the organizers of Rad Fem 2013 about the intimidation of the London Irish Centre by MRAs.

You can read the comments there to see how violent and paranoid MRAs are. There are more comments I need to scrub of links to MRA websites before I post them.

I wanted, however, to highlight one commenter in particular.

One of the comments claims to be from Anonymous, the online hacker group. Anonymous has engaged in some actions I support, and some I do not.

Apparently, Anonymous is a Homophobic Men’s Rights Activist.



This IP address links to Illinois:

Capture1And the email address links to this business:

CaptureI called the telephone number and left a message.

More later!

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Response from Ubaka Hill on MWMF

April 20, 2013


Response from Ubaka Hill:

I am compelled to respond directly to your direct request that I boycott the MWMF in August 2013.

First of all, thank you for showing the courage to take action for what you and others believe is right, just and worthy of a strategy of a boycott as a method to force change within an established socio-cultural-political shared value system. Historically, this strategy of change has been very effective and at times, not having a positive impact or outcome towards a desired goal.

I am an adult-child of the Civil Rights Movement, Women’s Rights Movement, Anti-War Movement, Anti-Apartheid Movement, Native People’s Rights Movement, Gender Equality Movement, Student Rights Movement, Environmental Protection Movement, Animal Rights Movement, Worker Rights Movement, including being a social-activist musician for positive social change from the age 17 till now age 56. […]

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We Don’t Need No Education

April 18, 2013


One of my all time favorite movies is Dr. Strangelove or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb.

Have you seen it? It features the incomparable Peter Sellers (one of my all-time favorite actors, male or female) in four different roles, including Dr. Strangelove, who invented The Bomb.


I’m also awesome in I Love You Alice B. Toklas.

It’s a satire about the fear that permeated the consciousness of Americans during the Cold War of the 1950s and onward, where one superpower – the United States – continually engaged in psychological battle with another superpower, the U.S.S.R. There are any number of excellent histories on the Cold War, including many by Anne Applebaum, check them out. There’s also I Love Lucid: The Cold War, Feminism, And The Ideation Of The American Family.

This isn’t a post about the Cold War though. This is a post about the Language that Transwomen/Men/Allies deploy in their never-ending battle to intimidate Gays and Lesbians (but especially Lesbians) into accepting their propaganda about Gender Identity as Gospel Truth.

I have written about some of the verbal tics of the Queer folks before, including how Transwomen sound a lot like violent Men. […]

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Ruth Barrett Responds

April 17, 2013


My response to the request to boycott the Michigan Festival. 

April 11, 2013
Dear Community Sisters and Performers of the Michigan Womyn’s Music Festival,

I want to give Alyson Palmer a standing ovation for her brilliant and eloquently crafted letter in response to the trans-activist’s call to the Michigan Womyn’s Music Festival performers to boycott the Festival. Alyson speaks to my own sentiments and I could not have said it better. In sisterhood and solidarity, I am writing to add my voice in support of Lisa Vogel and the women who honor and respect the Festival’s women-born-women (WBW) intention.

My friend Kathy, who has attended the Michigan Festival for well over 30 years, said to me last night, “How is it that “women” with penises are given more rights and compassion than female-born women? Why is my right to self determination being challenged by others who at the same time ask me to accept their self determination?” I echo her questions.

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Trans Activists and MRAs = Same Women-Hating Peoples

April 16, 2013


trans and mra

Hai! Picard thinks you’re an asshole!


This screenshot is from the MRA website here. Don’t click on the link unless you have an IP hider, because I AM SURE these guys track IPs.

Paul Elam’s biggest claim to fame is infiltrating some message board where women with no power or money were talking and saying things that hurt their feelings. Waaaaa!

FWIW, pretty sure no woman would care if a bunch of Men’s Rights Activists met without us…Enjoy yourselves!

And OF COURSE you wouldn’t exclude Transgender people, Paul – they support your Gender Schtick!


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