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Man celebrates death of Women’s Studies Programs

December 15, 2014


Originally posted on Hypotaxis:

TW: I was totes misgendered at a restaurant the other day, so this post is really long because I’m still not myself.

When I was a baby English Lit major in college, I really, really, really enjoyed engaging in Deconstructionist Theory. I used this genus of literary criticism on everyone from Bronte to Oates. I couldn’t get enough of the idea that “the word may mean one thing, but it could also mean another and another and another . . .” I was also stoned a lot in undergrad, and had far too many people telling me how smart I was.

So, basically, for my non-English major peeps, Deconstructionism is a way of creating or positing or illuminating a conflict between what a text “says” (literally) and what it “does” (based on pretty much any fucking thing you think it’s doing).  And then you take all those words and phrases…

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I’m shouting out a: Cooo-eeeee !!

November 30, 2014

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Originally posted on Questions for Us:


For those who aren’t Aussie, ‘Cooee’ is a loud call which is used when one is lost – generally in The Bush; nature (although my husband and I did use it with our girls when we were overseas, as our ‘locator’) – or to attract attention. I’m using the latter.

I’m calling for reinforcements. A call to arms.

I’m calling on writers, politicians, people who know of Internet law – anyone – YOU ! – to join this discussion – using critical thinking to see if anything can be done.

I wholeheartedly believe that one of the biggest problems we face today, lies in two areas:
1. The ‘Freedom of Speech’ argument that seemingly has no limits whatsoever
2. The big companies that give hateful and violent perspectives a platform from where to spread their hatred. Like YouTube.


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Houston, We Have A Problem

November 29, 2014

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Originally posted on naefearty:

Satellite_450x350It has been a while since I wrote anything for this blog. I went through a period of needing to step away. I hadn’t realised when I started this that doing this would have quite the emotional impact on me that it has. I started and abandoned several posts, but needed to take that space to concentrate on other things – to avoid being consumed again.
For years my life revolved around someone else’s emotional comfort. Someone else’s want’s, wishes and desires. I became a tiny satellite in orbit around planet Gender. Unable to pull away from it’s gravity, spinning around and around, sending the occasional signal out into the universe, never really being heard. Believing that nothing or no one was hearing my distress signal. Sometimes the signal would be picked up, only to be reflected back at me with a message saying that my message was faulty, that…

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What is it with Cathy Brennan and her love for transmisogyny?

November 26, 2014


I couldn’t make it through this post, but maybe you can. It’s easy to argue with someone when you wholly misrepresent what they say.

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the insanity of the term “cisprivilege”

November 14, 2014


Originally posted on Plastic Girl:

(and why this made-up term is really bullshit made up by trans-centered and clueless transactivists. Julia Serano comes to mind, actually, as do her neophyte glomlings)



(LGBT, neologism) The social advantage enjoyed by those who are cisgender/cissexual.

Who uses the term “cisprivilege” and what does it mean to them?

Transwomen use this term without having any idea at all how profoundly offensive it is to born-females.

What transwomen mean when they said born-females enjoy “cisprivilege”

  • You can grow your hair long and NOBODY questions you! omg!
  • you get to wear dresses and pantyhose and paint your toes and nobody calls you a fag!
  • shopping for highheels. srsly!
  • having doors held open for you by chivalrous dinosaurs
  • getting “dressed” in feminine clothing of any kind, especially little black dresses
  • being a cheerleader, or Hooters girl.
  • going to a bar and having all your drinks paid…

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Lena Dunham and Feminism: Beware the Vitriol of the Sisterhood

November 5, 2014


Cathy Brennan:

There is something very twisted about using Jo Freeman’s eloquent essay on trashing as a shield to defend against what many people – right, left, center – believe to be, at best, questionable behavior.
And Laverne Cox is actually a man.
Lena Dunham is not being “trashed” for her politics. She is facing criticism for the way in which she described acts in which she engaged as a child and a teenager – descriptions for which she herself has no apologized.

Originally posted on TIME:

“Sisterhood is powerful. It kills. Mostly sisters.”

Those were the words of Ti-Grace Atkinson, an author and philosopher, when she resigned from the Feminists, a radical group she had founded in the late 1960s. They were repeated, forty years later, in the New Yorker​ by Susan Faludi​, who ​described them as “one of the lines most frequently quoted by feminists.”

​If Lena Dunham’s latest lambasting is any indication, the words are still applicable today. The vitriol of the sisterhood is alive and well.

The latest controversy over Dunham goes like this: Last month, the 28-year-old creator of Girls published a memoir, Not That Kind of Girl. In the book, much in the same way her HBO series does, Dunham takes on all sorts of taboos, in revealing, unfiltered, at times uncomfortable sections on virginity, sisterly intimacy, date rape, and more. She is graphic in her sexual descriptions, including…

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What’s With The Banter?

November 2, 2014

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Originally posted on Let's Talk Vaginas:

I was walking home from the hospital when a man called out, “Hey beautiful! What’s up?” I carried on walking. I didn’t even turn around to look at him. I hoped, and prayed, that he would ignore me and leave me alone. But the comments continued.

“Look at those tits. Girl, you are blessed. I wish I could get my hands on those”.

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How Trans Women Can Be Good Allies to Females

October 25, 2014

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Originally posted on Pretendbians: Exactly Like Lesbians, Except Not:

Anonymous asked: Hi. Can you tell me what the perfect trans ally for feminism would look like? Or is there one. If we said “Yes, we are male sexed” but also women, would we be accepted as sisters? Can you describe your vision of an alliance between transgender persons and feminism? If we said “Yes. There are differences between us and cis women” would that be enough?

I can tell you how my trans friends who are allies help females.

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Dear trans women

October 25, 2014

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Originally posted on Feminists Unknown's Blog:

Dear trans women who are also feminists

Inclusion is a huge issue in feminism right now, particularly in relation to trans issues. Here are some handy tips on making your feminism more respectful and inclusive:

Merely existing as a woman — any woman — is hard. But it’s not, in and of itself, a form of activism. It doesn’t make you a hero to the feminist cause. It doesn’t give you extra special insights into gender or power or oppression. It doesn’t mean other people should fall at your feet, desperate to hear each precious word of wisdom. Feminism involves listening and giving (as does womanhood, too much of it at times. But if you want to be treated as a woman, don’t expect a free pass).

Non-trans women don’t exist to define you. They’re not your foils. They’re people in their own right and their inner lives, experiences, thoughts…

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October 25, 2014


Originally posted on Hypotaxis:

So apparently the blogger GallusMag has been “outed” by trans – ahem – “activists.” And apparently these trans “activists” are screaming all over the internet-sphere about what a victory this is for . . . for . . . uh, something? A victory for male hackers, I guess? I don’t fucking know.

What I do know is that the language around the alleged “outing” of GallusMag has been, not unsurprisingly, problematic and scary.

The people claiming responsibility for doxxing this blogger are all, notably, males who identify as female and as they share details of GallusMag’s alleged identity, home address, image they warn their minions “do not inflict violence.”

Can we take a moment to address the fact that women seldom (if ever), when confronted with an idea or public figure they dislike, have to be warned, “don’t be violent”? Christ, if I had a nickel for every time someone…

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