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Man, I Don’t Really Feel Like A Woman

Originally posted on ann tagonist:
Being treated like a girl when I was nine meant being the only one in the class who needed to wear a bra and hearing the boys make comments about it every day. Being treated like a girl when I was ten meant having to carry a sanitary towel in…

M(isogyny) F(atigue) S(yndrome)

Originally posted on Hypotaxis:
I’m burnt out on bullshit. I can hardly muster the energy, these days, to address the issues that populate this blog. I’m bored of the predictability. I spend a lot of time saying, “of course.” I have misogyny fatigue syndrome. All women, who can bear to think about their lot, and…

Tweet this shit, or spin these yarns over a craft beer at your favorite sex-positive-poly-queer-trans-feminine bar and grille

Originally posted on Hypotaxis:
(This is a collaboration with the amazingly clever Phonaesthetica.) About a month ago, published a lengthy trans-apologist piece absolving men-who-feel-like-women of all culpability in the destruction of women-only and lesbian space. The article was the usual, run-of-the-mill, “Why all you dykes gotta be so uptight?” bullshit espoused by liberal feminists who…

Witchfest and Amazon Cuntree

You Will Always be in my Heart

Originally posted on one woman province:
I am not sure where to even start on a post about my journey last week to the 40th Michigan Women’s Music Festival. I had signed up to support WoLF (Women’s Liberation Front) in hosting an intrafest event called Radfem Rhapsody within Michfest as a space for exchange of radical…

A meditation on the Michigan Womyn’s Music Festival : 1975-2015

Originally posted on phonaesthetica:
The nutloaf was nutty. The drumming was drummy. I bought a dykey leather bracelet, got my period, howled like a wolf, showered in the open air and woke up in a tent underneath several inches of water during a thunderstorm. I washed dishes in a communal trough and let a silky…

Loving Women

Originally posted on Radfem Repost:
By Natasha Chart You remember lesbians, right? They’re sort of like gay men, but they are female people who are only sexually attracted to other female people. They are discriminated against in every society in the world, and often specifically targeted for rape because of their rejection of men. They…

Dear Lisa Vogel

Originally posted on Beth's New Life:
Dear Lisa Vogel, I had two items on my bucket list this year for the final Michigan Womyn’s Music Festival. I wanted to meet Sara St. Martin Lynne. I wanted to meet you. I met Sara. In fact, I ran into her several times. I kissed her, hugged…

Part of Her Body #SayHerName

There is bad news everyday. It is almost nonstop, really. Relentless. At some point, story after story after story about the Violence Men inflict on Women and Girls (and more often than not, erased by Passive “A Woman Was Killed” headlines), they all kind of blend together and become unseen. I live in Baltimore. I […]


I have a lot of thoughts about Baltimore, but I am unable to put pen to paper at the moment. Here are some photographs. Here is a song about Baltimore. Consider making a donation to Youth Empowered Society.


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