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Radfems Respond Backlash: Suppression of Dissent Against Gender Orthodoxy

April 16, 2014


Originally posted on BEND IT TIL IT BREAKS:

I’m helping to organize a conference called Radfems Respond.  This event is open to the public, and exists to try and promote frank discussion of two controversial elements of radical feminism: Gender abolition and prostitution abolition.  Predictably, some people would rather shut down dialogue and suppress debate.  This petition has cropped up to try to deplatform this event, which again, is open to the public.  This backlash throws all rhetoric about opposition to “exclusive” women-only events into question – if we receive the same backlash, from the same people, for an event that’s open to the public, then what is that backlash really about?

Here is a partial list of the many, many lies in the text of the petition:

Lie #1: Radfems Respond is an exclusionary event.

Truth: Radfems Respond is open to all people of all identifications and political positions. The event itself is designed to…

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No Answers Only Questions

April 16, 2014


Originally posted on ann tagonist:

There is a common thread that runs among the “trans women are women but not female ” crowd. This group is mostly composed of nice, white, liberal, middle-class-ish, lady bloggers and journalists who will not accept that the penis of a trans woman is a female penis but who will concede that a man with a penis can be a woman because woman is gender and genitals is sex. These women are often called TERFs by the more wacko trans activists because they believe that sex is immutable and cannot be changed even though they’re willing to concede that there are male women and female men. These women will often say that they accept trans women as women if they “present as women” or they are “read as women.”

UntitledThis argument that you become a woman by presenting yourself as a woman and being perceived as womanly by others is…

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Motherhood is a feminist issue

April 16, 2014


Originally posted on FireWomon:

I keep reading about how much trouble kids are. About how they disrupt your life, about how you’ll never sleep again for the rest of your life, about how you’ll be knee-deep in baby milk, vomit and shitty nappies. And I keep thinking: it isn’t actually that bad.

I have two children a few years apart so I’ve done the shitty nappy thing twice over. They have each vomited a few times, I suppose. For about six months the first one woke me every night; with the second one, it was every night for three years. Yes, I often got tired – I still do. I have always been a single parent so have never had anyone to share the load with. However, it just isn’t that bad.

I am by no means perfect. I am selfish. I would much rather read a good book, or mess about on the…

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The Body, The Blood, The Lady Bag

April 11, 2014


Originally posted on You Are A Splendid Butterfly:

I woke up on Christmas morning in Florida last year to an excruciating pain in my abdomen. I’ve felt pain before. I’ve give birth. I’ve take a line drive softball in my breast when I was 13 (that really really hurt). I slammed my vagina hard on a bike seat poppin’ wheelies. I know some pain. But This Pain was the kind of pain they are talking about when they say pain that stops you dead in your tracks. And it was Christmas Day, which was unfortunate timing, because I have at least one child who still believes in Santa Claus. But I also have a worrying Irish mother, so I was carted to the Emergency Room by a worrying Irish aunt.
I Might Look Like A Dude, But My Vag Pain Is Terribly Womanly

I Might Look Like A Dude, But My Vag Pain Is Terribly Womanly

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I value separate spaces…

April 10, 2014


Originally posted on Big Mouth Girl:

[This originally came from an online conversation. It does not use the SSCAB/DSCAB language from my previous post. It's way shorter of a blog and less academic sounding, more personal and about my experience of the Womyn Born Female space that is the Michigan Womyn's Music Festival.]

I value separate spaces of many kinds. I have participated in lesbian only, People of Color only, Women of Color only, black women only, black lesbian only, all women only, Womyn Born Female only. I get something different from each. I don’t particularly value queer space, but I don’t begrudge those who do taking it. For me “queer” tends to mean anyone at least half-way freaky deaky (like kinky straight folks think of themselves as “queer” now). It doesn’t speak to me as a lesbian at all. I think we, meaning lesbians, get lost in the LGBT alphabet soup. But that’s me. I think there…

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Will we be more vocal as gay men if Trans men start demanding we sleep with them?

April 8, 2014


Originally posted on whoiscis:

My earlier post asking other gay men to really take up the issue of our lesbian sisters being called “bigots” by trans women(M2T) for not sexually or romantically engaging with them. Step back and look closer: Heterosexual Males ganging up on lesbian women for not sleeping with them. Males who hold an ideology that their power of “identity” can transcend most physical realities, and as such they are as much a valid lesbian as a born female lesbian, and if this falls into question with a female born lesbian she is a transphobic bigot.

Quite a few people have made mention of my focus seemingly solely on trans women. Because of this they like to call me a “transmisogynist” in lieu of just plain ole “transphobic”. Don’t worry though, I get that too. The focus on trans women over trans men(F2T) is due primarily for two reasons. The first being…

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Attention Dr. Aeryn Fulton, I’d like a word with you

March 31, 2014

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Originally posted on Plastic Girl:

Dr Aeryn Fulton, I’ve been on blogging hiatus for awhile. But recently it has come to my attention that on or around January 2013, in the comments section of a feminist youtube video, you claimed to be me, Plastic Girl. Gallus Mag at the gendertrender blog, was kind enough to screencap this, and I now draw your attention to her evidence.
Aeryn, failing pretty hard to at feminism

Aeryn, failing pretty hard at feminism

Shall we go over some of the ways that I am not you, and you are not me?

  • You are a physician. I am a writer.
  • You are partnered to an FtM. I am not.
  • You just barely started transition. I transitioned in 2000.
  • You are out as a trans woman. I am not.

For the record, I don’t appreciate you appropriating my blog personality for use in your reactionary anti-feminist agenda. I’ve gone over the screen-capped evidence of your woman-born-woman hating behavior, and…

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SSCAB/DSCAB: Reframing the Conversation

March 28, 2014


Originally posted on Big Mouth Girl:

[Note: There are several acronyms used throughout this post. If needed, you can hover your mouse over them to view meaning.]

In an online conversation about the use and application of the acronym “TERF” (Trans Exclusionary Radical Feminist [sometimes the E is said to stand for "Exterminating" or "Eradicating"]), a friend argued the semantics of calling something “women or female space” when what is meant is “space for women who are Female Assigned At Birth (FAAB).” As she put it, “Why is it OK to use the terms woman or female to describe FAAB spaces when you know very well that there is a conflicting view about the accuracy and appropriateness of those terms?”

Inevitably, conversations about separatist spaces intended for females devolve into assumptions or projections that such spaces are inherently “anti-trans.” The label “TERF” is applied to any female who admits to…

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The first time I went snorkeling…

March 28, 2014

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Originally posted on Big Mouth Girl:

I am thrilled to include the illustrations of my very talented friend Leanne Franson in this post.

Snorkeling - Feh!

Snorkeling – Feh!

The first time I went snorkeling I was kind of “eh” about the idea. I mean I’d been to the beach hundreds of times throughout my life. Like, “ok… now I am going in the water with a mask on. Big deal…”

Mind you, most of my beach experience was in the Santa Monica and Venice area of CA. That’s where, for a good many years of my childhood, I grew up . For this snorkeling adventure, I was in New Caledonia which is a small French-colonized island in the South Pacific, surrounded by the world’s largest lagoon. I was there performing for the annual Festival Femmes Funk, an incredible music festival celebrating local and international women musicians.

What's the Big Deal?

Click to view larger!

The majestic blue New Caledonia lagoon is such…

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Not A Queen, Not A Bitch, Not A Whore, But A Woman

March 22, 2014

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Originally posted on allhailthekween:

Displaying photo.JPG

“If black women may only choose between the subjectivity of the black queen or the whore, they will find themselves trapped in an identity that depends on the negation of other black women.”  - Shanara Reid-Brinkley

I believe that the journey to defining your own womanhood is a rewarding, difficult, sacrificial, and turbulent journey. I’m understanding that there will be bumps in the road, times when you doubt yourself, and times where you fall victim to what everyone else wants you to be.

In this society, I feel that people want women to either act like a queen, or be a bitch, or be a whore. This way of thinking is extremely problematic for a number of reasons.

I question why women must be put into boxes in the first place? All women were created differently, with a variety of feelings, thoughts, and experiences. If a woman doesn’t fit the…

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