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Repeat a Lie Often Enough, It Becomes True

March 18, 2013


In another lifetime, when I was young, I was very active in the effort to amend Maryland’s anti-discrimination law to ban discrimination based on sexual orientation. I believed then, as I believe now, that sexual orientation discrimination is, in fact, sex discrimination. However, my feelings on this are irrelevant, as Maryland law made quite clear that sexual orientation discrimination and sex discrimination were two different things. So, many hundreds of people, over the course of many years, worked doggedly to change the law.

Looking back on this effort now, this History that is also “my life,” myths abound about what happened in Maryland during the mid-1990s to early 2000s.

One of the Great Myths about Gender Identity legislation in Maryland is that there was a secret Gay plot to strip Gender Identity protections from a bill to ban discrimination based on sexual orientation. The Secret Plot Myth gets repeated even today.


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Lesbian Caucus 2013

February 4, 2013

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Lesbian Caucus

National Gay and Lesbian Task Force (NGLTF)

25th Annual Creating Change Conference

Atlanta, Georgia

Saturday, January 26, 2013

6:30-8:00 p.m.

Room 205

The format of the Lesbian Caucus was a facilitated discussion led by Dr. Laurie Young, Ph.D., Aging and Economic Security Director of NGLTF, and Darlene Nipper, Deputy Executive Director of NGLTF. Approximately 40 women participated in the discussion where they were free to address their needs. We decided as a group that this was a women-only space. The following topics were noted as important to those in attendance:


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GataAgressiva411 & Male Violence

January 27, 2013


Christmas Day, 2012.

GataAgressiva411 to OTHER WHITE FEMINIST: Thank you for sharing this article with me. I read it, and I agree with what’s said here. As for the CT shootings, I’m restricting the amount of energy I give that incident because people of color are suffering from regular casualities such as these each and every day, in different ways. I cannot and will not give extra energy to violence as it concerns middle white America-a point which was not raised in this written piece. White male pathology and violence looks and behaves very differently than that of men of color, and the fact that it is WHITE men who are the ones gunning down women and children was not explicitly stated. Although I appreciate that Brennan pointed out how male violence against women is not considered the same as other forms of violence-true words. We must be prepared to address the nuances of all violence in all forms. It’s much more complex than “men against women”.

Thanks again!

GataAgressiva411 to OTHER WHITE FEMINIST: P.S. I’m reading about the trans-activist attack against Cathy at Dyke March. Very troubling. […]

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Bad Policy is Bad Policy

October 15, 2012


I recently ran across this video featuring my friend Dana LaRocca, for whom I have much respect. Give it a watch.

I agree with much of what Dana says. But I do take strong exception, however, with the idea she floats that Gays and Lesbians weren’t “educated” about Trans issues in 2001.

Because it is false.

We knew all too well what “Gender Identity” meant for Women in 2001. That’s why some of us worked very hard to keep it out of the Anti-Discrimination Act.

The definition of “Gender Identity” pushed by Trans Activists guarantees the elimination of sex-segregated space for Women and enshrines Sex Stereotypes into law. That’s bad for Women. It was bad for Women in 2001. It’s bad for Women in 2012.

Bad policy is bad policy. It doesn’t become “good policy” with the passage of time.

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An Examination of Strategies to Obtain Legislation that Prohibits Discrimination Based on Gender Identity in the State of Maryland, 2000

July 25, 2012


Reblogging for history only.

An Examination of Strategies to Obtain Legislation that Prohibits Discrimination Based on Gender Identity in the State of Maryland

A. Introduction

The purpose of this paper is to explore the ways in which civil rights advocates in Maryland may win the fight to obtain protections against discrimination based on gender identity. For the purposes of this paper, we assume that we must advocate for civil rights laws inclusive of gender identity, but that we must be strategic in the way we accomplish this goal. In the words of one Maryland delegate, “(I)t needs to be covered – the question is how do we do it.”1

For the purposes of this paper, the term gender identity2 will be used to include transsexualism and transgendered identity. Transsexualism has been defined as “the desire to change one’s anatomic sexual characteristics to conform physically with one’s perception of self as a member of the opposite sex.”3 Transsexualism is officially a specific form of a broader psychiatric disorder termed gender identity disorder.4 Transgendered identity refers to having a self-image, expression, or identity not traditionally associated with one’s sex at birth or being perceived in this way.


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The ordeal of Ronald Gold

July 21, 2012

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From here.

I grew up in the Age of the Closet. While I came out in college to some close friends, I was aware that perceptions of my identity needed to be carefully managed, if I was to have the career I sought. There must be no public declaration—and no open defense of the rights of “perverts.” To be sure, my contemporaries in the newly-formed Mattachine Society did just that, but some prudently hid under assumed names. Most of the leaders of Mattachine found that, except for the most menial posts, gainful employment was closed to them; the lucky ones were supported by their partners.

In 1969, with Stonewall, the gay and lesbian movement (not then styled LGBTQ) went into high gear. Because of the Vietnam War, the left was dominant then in ways that are hard to imagine now. And the left, especially the far left, has a long history of suppressing opinion not deemed “progressive.” “No free speech for fascists!” the Communist Party USA proclaimed. And their definition of fascist was a broad one. Some thought that I fit it. When I became active in the movement I learned that it was simply taboo to criticise certain causes, including radical feminism and Third World advocacy (what morphed into multiculturalism).


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Guess Which Sign Is More Welcome at Dyke March (henceforth to be known as Trans/Genderqueer SlutWalk)

June 25, 2012


If you guessed “Free Blow Jobs,” you “win.”

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Conway Hall: Happy to Host Pedophiles, But Not Radical Feminists

June 5, 2012

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Reflections on the EEOC Decision in the Mia Macy Case

April 24, 2012


Discrimination based on so-called “gender identity” is sex discrimination. Thanks EEOC! Here is the decision!

EEOC in Macy Case

Also, for all you stupid recent “trans activists” who think the EEOC decision “upsets” me, a history lesson (also reproduced below – and my thinking has evolved since 2000 some, because, at root, gender identity is sexist).

Now piss off! I was a dyke when you were still a heterosexual married man with 2.5 children and a boring job.


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