Vawg – I hate how vawg has become a word.

December 18, 2013


Originally posted on Karen Ingala Smith:

Yesterday I went to a meeting about men’s violence against women and girls in London.  Access to the meeting room was initially difficult because when I entered the building and told the person on reception that I was here for the ‘Violence Against Women and Girls Meeting’ in Room X, she told me that the room was booked for something else. Eventually she told me that the room was booked for the ‘fourth meeting’.  Could someone have asked to book a room for a ‘vawg meeting’ and been misheard, I suggested. Yes, of course they could, it transpired.   I hate how vawg has become a word and this was an unwelcome reminder.  At the start of the meeting, I started doing a tally about how many times the word ‘vawg’ was used.  I almost immediately forgot because the actual subject matter demanded full attention and constructive engagement.

I hate…

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2 Comments on “Vawg – I hate how vawg has become a word.”

  1. Emma Says:

    This reminds me of how at my college there is a Students Against Slavery group that focuses on raising awareness of sex slavery and addressing it. We had been discussing at a meeting a month or so ago how the term human trafficking seems to have less of an effect than sex slavery, along with how before the group used to be called Student Abolitionists, which made it sound less harsh to other students. Language is powerful, and inaccessible jargon along with terms that soften the brutal reality of sexism and other forms of bigotry deradicalize and depoliticize the issues we are trying to address.


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