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The War of the Worlds, The War of the Words

April 28, 2012


Some person on the Tumblr who apparently has free time wrote this. So, here it is. It does not speak to me. This person misses the point of my activism. We speak different languages. Stop telling me and other gays and lesbians to believe your shit. We don’t, and we don’t have to. That doesn’t mean we don’t think you deserve respect and rights – it does mean we will not substitute our own priorities for yours. We don’t work for you. We can make our own priorities.

I am a dyke. Female matters. Females matter. We exist. Our existence is not transphobic. Our existence does not diminish yours. Our needs do not diminish yours.

Perhaps someday you will realize that you would gain more ground by respecting and acknowledging difference and then identifying what common interests we may have. Perhaps someday you would be an ally to females.

Perhaps, perhaps, perhaps.

Also, everyone has a story. You are not special.


A message to the Bugbrennans and Gaynotqueers of the world:


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BREAKING NEWS: A Pregnant Man!

April 26, 2012


Sex is not gender. Sheesh.

And I mean it, I am already bored with this conversation.


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Legislating Equal Access | Teaching Tolerance

April 24, 2012

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Legislating Equal Access | Teaching Tolerance.



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Reflections on the EEOC Decision in the Mia Macy Case

April 24, 2012


Discrimination based on so-called “gender identity” is sex discrimination. Thanks EEOC! Here is the decision!

EEOC in Macy Case

Also, for all you stupid recent “trans activists” who think the EEOC decision “upsets” me, a history lesson (also reproduced below – and my thinking has evolved since 2000 some, because, at root, gender identity is sexist).

Now piss off! I was a dyke when you were still a heterosexual married man with 2.5 children and a boring job.


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Unwedging the Wedge

April 20, 2012


Recently, the GLBT community has expressed anger over the strategy of the National Organization for Marriage to drive a wedge between African-Americans and the Gay Community.  An exhibit from litigation in Maine reveals tactics to derail marriage equality, including “sideswiping” Obama by “exposing” him as a “social radical.” It’s unsurprising that NOM would target a president who has done more for the GLBT community than any other president.  It’s equally unsurprising that NOM would also identify discrete ethnic and racial groups for targeted outreach.  NOM’s “Latino Identity Project” intended to ensure that support for marriage would remain “a key badge of Latino identity” and “a symbol of resistance to inappropriate assimilation” of Latinos into (allegedly) “Anglo culture.”  But it’s NOM’s “Not a Civil Right Project” that garnered the most attention, as it blatantly established a strategy to drive a wedge between gays and blacks by “provoke(ing) the gay marriage base into responding by denouncing (African-Americans) as bigots.”

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Trans Feminism: Yes, Vagina, We Don’t Give a Shit About You!

April 19, 2012


Because this is such crap.

Why Do Lesbians Not See How the Political Transgender Community Does Not Care About Female Reality?

I did this very fast, but the edits are both what Serano is actually saying and my notes (which are in bold and/or italics for the most part)

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Joelle Ruby Ryan Leads With Love by Discussing Student Papers on Facebook

April 16, 2012


A review of Boys Don’t Cry: “In the film, Brandon is accurately shown as being a lesbian who is uncomfortable with her biological sex. Boys Don’t Cry shows a realistic issue with Brandon lying to Lana about actually being a woman.” I don’t know where to start….

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Joelle Ruby Ryan Leading With Love, Makes World Safer for Women By Challenging … Radical Feminists

April 12, 2012



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Amber Hazard Threatens Violence on Tumblr

April 11, 2012


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Joelle Ruby Ryan Leading with Love, Expresses Joy at the Anticipation of Janice Raymond’s Death

April 10, 2012


How disgusting and infuriating that this hate-monger of epic proportion was allowed to become a full professor at U-Mass and is still an emeritus prof. –it shows how the hatred of trans people is not only ignored but actively condoned by major institutions. What a joyful day when that space after the hyphen is filled in!

She is the single most damaging person in the last 100 years to trans people as a whole. Far more than her mentor was. Even though she’s publicly distanced herself in the last decade from her own work, she has yet to repudiate or deny any of it, even in the face of evidence (which she considers to b…

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